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Raising Runes in Ritual – Roadopening, Raido and Alfheim

“What builds courage and heart but the journey of becoming? To throw open the gates of adventure and understanding. Raido.” – Joey Torvol

Before discussing the essence of the spiritual experience at hand, it seems necessary, albeit unfortunate, to touch upon the Nordic nature of this ritual and spell work amidst a personal Celtic path.

Long before the realisation of my personal connection to the Celtic path had become apparent to me, I walked in the abstract of Witchcraft for many years. Learning, seeking, testing the waters of different mythologies, practices and rituals.

One of these was the Viking tradition, which seemed a natural conclusion given that I, like most of British descent, have Viking ancestry (along with Celtic ancestry,) and that path had called to my blood sister whom I consider a soul sister as well.

Undoubtedly, elements of the Viking path worked themselves well through my magick, although I found the runes peculiar. For no matter how I tried, divination with the runes never seemed to connect – even after implementing experimentation with different materials to back the runes, but whether tree, stone or crystal, frustratingly none would provide a depth of divination I sought.

Magick, rune bindings, and Sigils however, was another matter. Then and now, the runes as a form of written or carved spellworking was as natural as breathing, and moreover, the spells always worked and quickly. At the time I found this quirk a little bizarre, but it came to be one of those personality traits that bleeds into personal gnosis.

It also promoted a challenge – to see beyond the given divination kennings as they were presented and evolve a personal relationship to each rune. To this day, I struggle with runic divination, (although rune on bone has allowed for some progress in that department) – but the personal interaction of the magical vibration of each rune has elevated and improved my spellwork.

So, with a little personal history and perspective in hand, I lead to a recent ritual that my partner Asbjorn and I undertook to affect road opening and grant opportunities within our lives, by harnessing both our individual connections with the Nordic rune Raido.

The poem at the beginning gives insight into my interpretation of this Rune; it embodies the journey of becoming.

Furthermore there was an inkling within my subconscious to interlink the road opening ritual with the Light Elves of Alfheim; mysterious beings from one of the nine Nordic realms, who are said to act as muses of creativity if they are feeling benevolent. For the task at hand, ritual was undertaken with the assistance of a realm Journey candle with sigil from Starry Eyed Supplies:

Raido as a rune of journeying, and the Light Elves with their peculiar viewpoint of life and the interlinking of all things, both embody the energy of creativity and movement. Within the personal ritual there was a clairaudient sensing of bells and music; an usual first connection as often it is a visual or scent that first makes itself known.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.” – Mary Lou Cook

Within ritual – all magickal ritual – there is too frequently a loss of levity that is vital for spellwork, pathworking, and indeed life. Road opening and journeying is no exception. The emphasis is repeatedly on a very desperate albeit sincere need to create new opportunities, to create a new way of living. But without an element of humour, there can be no creativity, for if something is joyless to us then it does not inspire us to elevate or to chase after it.

Magick succeeds because we have an all-encompassing need and desire to see it done.

The light elves enjoyed a respectful approach with an edge of humour. Following, they gifted the Sigil beneath, and since, doors have begun to open in all manner of ways.

Raido bridged the energetic channelling to the realm of Alfheim, it connected and brought forth an opportunity; and only with courage and humour was the next step taken.

Food for thought.

Stay Fluxy my Starry Friends, Joey

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