A Witches Garden Magickal Spell salt - Empowerment at Halloween

"A Witches Garden" is an incredibly beautiful spell energy devoted to the idea that we each must tend our own selves as if it were a garden, to help ourselves grow.

The energies are of self discovery, personal growth, divination to aid us on our path and protection to allow us to do so safely.

Perfect for the dark half of the year, "A Witches Garden" denotes my mental image of a very witchy garden, which helps us to plant those seeds of magick in order to be reborn in the new year.
As we become introspective with the dark half of the year, we find ourselves looking inward, on a path of self discovery, on the journey to become who we want to be. A Witches Garden energy helps us to engage with these energies on every level, opening us up to divination and spiritual insight.

It also helps with any witchy burnout, reminding you of all the exciting possibilities that lay at your fingertips through your witchcraft!

The Spell salt in particular is extra protective, adding an additional ring of protection as the veil grows thinner as we head toward Samhain.


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