Ailim Pine Priestess Blessing salts

"The Pine Priestess" Spell salt combines the energies of the Ogham Ailim - Pine and the energies of the Priestess.

These spell salts reflect the tree magick of each Ogham and the relationship between that tree and its Priestess.


The Spell salt has been imbued for energies for the Lesson of Silver Fir and Pine; the overall theme being for Truth, justice, truth of self, divination, clarity, guidance for the 'best' path, help with decision making, to help uncover deceit or a liar as well as the purification of any poison - internal or external - that might be affecting your life in a negative way.


The Pine Priestess speaks; "The path is long and winding and clarity can be hard to come by. Rise above and see. Reach your highest truth and you will not fall to the deceit of any other. Be truthful in yourself and you will not fall to your own deceit. Cleanse yourself and listen to the calling of your heart."


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