Originally part of a requested set, the Aines Court by Faelight - Spell Oil was so popular that I am bringing it back to the store!


Aines Court by Faelight is representative of the Light half of the Year in Celtic mythology and combines this with the Fae Court of the Goddess Aine who is seen as both a Goddess and a Fae depending on the interpretation of the myth.


The Light half of the year focuses on solar energies within Spring and Summer months, but it provides a balanced energy when addressing Light and Dark energies within the Fae themselves as it is not possible to separate them from these complex spirits.


The Fae are spirits of the "in-between;" of the inbetween spaces, of realms of existence and have their own logic and morality and viewpoint on the ways of the World; they are completely Other in their dealings with magick and human beings.


"In the realm of Aine who rules all the Fae
The Spirits of nature and Flower can play
Magick is flowing from inside the Earth
The Fae Queen is laughing in wisdom and mirth."

- J.Morris 2015 All rights reserved


Aines Court by Faelight embodies the Light Solar energy of the Light half of the year, embodying a joyous regal energy, celebrating Fae and Nature Spirits, Aine embodies strength, Fae ferocious justice which can be unyielding and these energies can be used to bring balance and justice as well as Fae regality into your life; though it should not be undertaken lightly; there is no changing your mind with Fae energy!


Fae energy is also about treasuring beauty and desire, seduction and sensuality, glamour magick alongside illusion and magick.


The term "Faelight" I coined for this set to represent the fact that this set celebrates Aines Court in the realm of Fae, so the Sunlight beaming down upon Her is not the same Sunlight as in the realm of humankind; it is otherworldly in its nature. It represents the meshing of the two realms, the crossover in mythology, as above, as below.


All Starry eyed Oils are personally blended by me to a high witchy standard. All oil bases are natural oil, no synthetics. Oils may also include herbs, resins, roots, flowers and occasionally essential oils. All the good stuff, none of the ick.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved


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Aines Court by Faelight - Spell Oil