Brand new is a candle which is all heart...


These beautiful anatomical heart candles are absolutely perfect for spell work or just for gothic decor in your home!
Each candle is created to look like an anatomical heart with a healthy pinch of Starry shimmy!!!


Limited edition for Beltane - “The Blood Mother” anatomical Heart candle!


I feel like this Beltane is going to be more about honour the deep bloodlines of our Mothers. Of bloody birth and rebirth. Of blood offerings to the land in tales of sacrifice and devotion. The power that speaks of all the mothers reaching back throughout generations. It’s very red tent in energy and I’m here for it.


Heart healing is a rich blood red candle with copper detail.
Perfect uses for anatomical heart candles include:

★Love magick and healing matters of the heart - Passion and Lust
★Connection to the Mother Goddess at Beltane
★Working towards or healing from Rebirth
★Honouring sacrifice to the land
★Gaining your hearts' desire to be healed from breakups

★Honouring the ancestors whose blood pumps through your veins


The possibilities are endless and are really up to you, and if you just love a gothic aesthetic then I totally feel you!!!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved


    Anatomical Heart Candle - Blood Mother