Autumn Queen ONE OFF antique bronze cauldron spell candle


I had one more of the antique brass cauldrons so I made the autumn queen candle within its magical self!

The beautiful creamy soy candle features wildcrafted mugwort, Rowan, Ivy & a teeny pumpkin.


★Mugwort spirit teaches us about dreaming - how to walk through our dreams & even through other peoples. She’s full of prophecy and witchiness - brewing up visions of the future, or perhaps just a good cup of tea.


★Rowan spirit has far-sight too - the kind that keeps you out of trouble. A protector & guide, it warns when malicious spells are about to ensnare you - if you have the wisdom to listen.


★Ivy is a tenacious spirit - capable of climbing great heights or tearing down the tallest tower, if it feels like it. Ivy dances in a spiral, knowing the wisdom of groundedness whilst reaching for your goals.


★Autumn queen is a witch. A Hedgewitch, a Green witch, a wildcrafter. She brings magick to bear and enhances your path just by being close to you.

There will only be one of these and that’s it.

Autumn Queen ★ Brass Cauldron ★ Spell Candle