New to Starry Eyed Supplies is the exclusive Baba Yaga Forest Spirit Bathing salts!


★★ Honouring Baba Yaga, the Dark Wild energy within, Connecting to the Forest and its Spirits, Pre-ritual Spiritual bathing and water ceremonies, Opening your other eyes and connecting you to your Otherness ★★


The Baba Yaga Forest Spirit Bathing salts are designed to act as both purification prior to and submersion within the liminal space of Baba Yaga's Forest hut.

From reading her myths, it has become my belief that She acts as a Death Goddess and Psychopomp, and Her Forest hut is a space in between worlds and realms, where Spirits roam and speak.
Such Spirit work is also an important part of the path for many Witches who speak to commune with Spirits, be they human or nature spirits.

The bathing salts work as a wonderful purification ritual when added to bath water or within a bowl of water to cleanse parts of the self - especially the hands, as there is great importance to this in Baba Yaga's mythology, with Her conjuring Spirit hands to be present and assist Her work.

The bathing salts have also been imbued with magick to help you connect to your personal Otherness, creating a relaxed personal state in which to receive spirit communication.

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Baba Yaga Forest Spirit Bathing Salts