★★★Bang, Bang Baby! Naughty Powder★★★


★ Get SEXY, Get SENSUAL, Get DOWNRIGHT NAUGHTY with your bad self!!!★


★Goddess Lilith infused for sensuality like no other


★Lustful deliciousness made manifest


★Bring your sexy back


Bang, Bang Baby! Naughty Powder was created following a working with the Dark Goddess Lilith and so embodies some of her energies; it is a commanding, naughty, lustful powder that is a combination of seven finely ground herbs each of which have been individually honoured, requesting their Devas aid to create this sexy powder which is all about reclaiming your sexual potency and sexual power.

This naughty powder is perfect for Lust magick which has its place within sex magick and can be used to combat fear of sexual freedom and expression as long as it is for your highest good (although how you utilise your spell work is your business,) and helping you to feel sexy and project confidence.
This powder can be used to help you get the "spark" back in a relationship, to help you to remember who you are and reclaiming your sexual power, bringing lust back into your sexual energies, but not just your sexual energies, Bang, Bang Baby! naughty powder can also be used for bringing your bang bang! back in general; if you're lacking confidence or presence or energy or enthusiasm in other areas of your life then this naughty powder can help you to reclaim them.

Imbued with Garnet (not included)

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Bang, Bang Baby! Naughty Spell Powder