The Beeswax spell candles are a new addition to the Starryeyed Candle family.
Made with locally sourced English Beeswax, each beeswax pillar is 8 inches and will burn for days if you so desire.
Each candle contains a unique blend of herbs and resins imbued with the magickal energy; they are rolled into the fabric of the wax for maximum magickal effect and a cleaner burn, and crystals are imbued and placed on the outside to create a spiral of energies around the magickal theme. The Beeswax spell candle combines colour magick and herbs - all of which are rolled inside the candle for a clean burn - as well as crystals for full magickal effect!
Just set your intention and light the wick!


Beeswax Spell Candle - Excalibur

It is said that the mightest of Celtic weapons were infused with magick and lead their bearers to great victory, and there can be no greater example than that of Excalibur from Arthurian myth, which many have argued is the survival of the Celtic mythologies and legends.

Excalibur is a sword of truth, purity and justice, so the Beeswax spell candle reflects these magical energies. Excalibur is the most famous of all magical swords, bestowed upon King Arthur by the Lady in the Lake in order to give him the right to rule. Such themes are common within Goddess Morrigan and other Sovereignty Celtic Goddess based myths, were a king must be worthy in order to rule and as such is tested, his merit and righteousness is measured and confirmed by his carrying of the sword.

Use the beautiful energy in all spellwork that governs truth, purity and justice spells and when engaging in personal sovereignty rituals.


Remakes may vary slightly

Please burn responsibly - contains herbs

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Beeswax Spell Candle - Excalibur