The Beeswax spell candles are a new addition to the Starryeyed Candle family.
Made with locally sourced English Beeswax, each beeswax pillar is 8 inches and will burn for days if you so desire.
Each candle contains a unique blend of herbs and resins imbued with the magickal energy; they are rolled into the fabric of the wax for maximum magickal effect and a cleaner burn, and crystals are imbued and placed on the outside to create a spiral of energies around the magickal theme. Just set your intention and light the wick!

The energies of this Beeswax Spell candle are centred around the energies of banishing negative energies that cause spiritual damage or manifest as negative energies in your life, through intention malicious spell workings of another or through the unintentional jealous feelings towards you.
The candle was created in the energies of the Waning Moon for the strongest energies of Return; the spell candle will return any ill intent back to sender, and also help to heal any damage that has been caused as a result of their malicious spell or energy.

The magick of black and blue is two fold here; black is used for banishing magick and blue for healing, but the negative actions of others can leave you feeling bruised, emotionally drained, physically unwell and spiritually depleted. This beeswax spell candle will pack a punch in your defense, and strengthen and heal you so you can continue to protect yourself in the future.

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Beeswax Spell Candle - Get Real!