The Beeswax spell candles are a new addition to the Starryeyed Candle family.
Made with locally sourced English Beeswax, each beeswax pillar is 8 inches and will burn for days if you so desire.
Each candle contains a unique blend of herbs and resins imbued with the magickal energy; they are rolled into the fabric of the wax for maximum magickal effect and a cleaner burn, and crystals are imbued and placed on the outside to create a spiral of energies around the magickal theme. The Beeswax spell candle combines colour magick and herbs - all of which are rolled inside the candle for a clean burn - as well as crystals for full magickal effect!
Just set your intention and light the wick!


Beeswax Spell Candle - Heart of the River is made to combine the energies of the Ogham Fearn or Alder with deep healing of all kinds but especially those related to the emotions, the heart and the heart chakra, or those difficult emotions which cause spiritual and creative blockages.
The Ogham Fearn combines Fire and Water energies and helps us to heal ourselves as spiritual warriors. It assists us in finding the underlying causes of our own behaviour which is damaging to us, then to take personal responsibility for our actions and finally access to our own deep personal healing. This potent combination of fire and water energies is interwoven into the magickal fabric of the spell candle to help you overcome difficult emotional situations and soothe depression and other illness which takes it toll on you emotionally. It can also help ease emotional trouble than has resulted from sickness.

Additionally the Heart of the River Spell Candle will help you reconnect to your higher self as well as spirit guides and deity, by strengthening your energy links and healing and reinforcing your aura. The Celts believed that water was a conduit to Spirit, that offerings left to the Gods in rivers were of the utmost importance and that the realm of the Gods could be accessed through points betwixt and between Earth and Water, such as rivers through caves.
This beautiful spell candle reflects that belief and helps you call on your higher self, spirit guides and Deity for aid in healing of all kinds.

Remakes may vary slightly

Please burn responsibly - contains herbs

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Beeswax Spell Candle - Heart of the River