The Beeswax spell candles are a new addition to the Starryeyed Candle family.
Made with locally sourced English Beeswax, each beeswax pillar is 8 inches and will burn for days if you so desire.
Each candle contains a unique blend of herbs and resins imbued with the magickal energy; they are rolled into the fabric of the wax for maximum magickal effect and a cleaner burn, and crystals are imbued and placed on the outside to create a spiral of energies around the magickal theme. The Beeswax spell candle combines colour magick and herbs - all of which are rolled inside the candle for a clean burn - as well as crystals for full magickal effect!
Just set your intention and light the wick!


The energies of this Beeswax Spell candle are for the energies of the Sacred Grove; The Druids believe that nature is the most sacred of places to connect with the divine, and in modern times this can sometimes prove difficult to achieve. "Sacred Grove" has been infused with energies of the sacred places of nature to help you bring that energy indoors. It sings of the power of trees, the energy running through the woodlands, and the primal Magick of the Earth.

Can be used in spells concerning Sacred space, Protection, Earth and nature based spells, connecting with the Divine, creating your own "Inner grove" in your home, and honouring Earth spirits and Deities.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Remakes may vary slightly

Beeswax Spell Candle - Sacred Grove