The Visions of a Magpie Shaman was originally a Spell Set centred around the energy of the Magpie and the Shaman, and is now available as the beautiful beeswax candle!

It evokes images of the Celtic Magician in his night sky cloak adorned with Magpie feathers in search of the deep mysteries, shapeshifting through time and reading the stars.
The magick of the Magpie shaman is "To See and to Speak," and thus the spell set contains energies to enhance the abilities of the third eye and throat chakra, for spoken prophecy and visions of things to come, and the power to put your own will into action. This spell set seeks out truth and fate and the need for change and transformation.
It echoes the Shamans ability to shapeshift - encouraging you to adapt to all situations with your own creative flair. The energies of the set encourage you to be creative, but to balance your "show" with "silence." The energy of this set can help you to allow your own personal brilliance to shine through, encouraging you to be an individual and a light to the world, but at the same time reminding you that stepping on others in this process diminishes that light.

It is said that the Magpie is a creature of duality; depending on who is telling the tale it can be a good or bad Omen. What the Magpie really represents then is seeking the balance of all things, the duality of the world around us.
Perfect for honouring Goddesses of the Underworld or those who have duality and balance within their natures; such as the Goddess Morrigan or Hel who is described as having "a face that is half blue-black and half flesh coloured (or white.)"

Magpies are said to have the ability to open doorways to the realm of the Spirit and Fae, helping us to access past life recall and tap into the echoes of our destiny in this lifetime.

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Beeswax Spell Candle - Visions of a Magpie Shaman