Beltane Fire Goddess - Balefires of Avalon Spell Votive

"Within the Darkness of Beltane, the Fire God ascends his throne, within the Darkness the Fire Goddess ascends the Fire God and Sexual ecstacy begins..." - Joey Morris 2017

The energy of Balefires of Avalon has been created to combine the energies for Beltane with the necessity of celebrating sexual union in an atmosphere which seeks to suppress it.

Starry Pillar - Beltane Fire Goddess - Balefires of Avalon in particular honours the Feminine element of divinity in the sacred union; representing the Goddess in her role as Huntress and Warrior; the aesthetic conjures images of her jewelled mask reflecting in the light of the bonfire and again allowing her crimson robes to fall and embracing her nakedness.

Balefires of Avalon energy reflects the energies of the Great Rite, sexuality, the ecstacy of the union of God and Goddess at Beltane.
Balefire of Avalon is the burning fire energy of bonfires by night, the wild fire; the lustful coming together of male and female energy that creates an energy of the "sexual temple."

Sexuality is often relegated to a topic of shame and embarassment in the modern world; but this amputation of human spirit has no place in Paganism or Witchcraft.
Free, loving and consensual sexuality should instead be embraced and celebrated.
The Sexual Temple is a reflection of the link between sexuality and the Divine, a form of celebration and worship of pure life-force; fighting back against the demonisation of true sexuality in modern society; sexuality should not be demonised, it should not be abused; for it is a gift from the Gods.
It encourages you to see your own body as a temple in order to celebrate your human incarnation, celebrating your Self and your inner Fire, burning away any negativity associated with your sexual self.

Beltane is the unleashing of wild inner fire and life-force! Celebrate Fire, Beltane, Passion, sex, lust, and sensuality! It is the burning embers to continue change long after the combusting energy of fire sparks alight and burns Magick into being.

Please Burn with care

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