The Bones, Claws and Crow Spell Orb has been created to honour the Goddess Morrigan in her aspect of Badb although it would work for other Dark Gods or Goddesses who deal with primal energies of wrath and justice. It resonates with a Crone or Sage energy, dealing with themes of Death and destruction. It taps into a very primal energy, old and ancient.
It resonates with Badbs energy; the howling Banshee, the Phantom Queen, Lady of Bones, Guardian of your Death, the ferocious Crow, and would make a perfect offering to her as such.

The Spell Orb is imbued with energies of righteous fury and wrath and seeks justice for the wronged, empowering those who have been wrongly injured, the power of blood and battle, frenzy and fury. Imbued with the power of Thorns, it will pierce and overcome any issue or difficulty.
It rips through all things that no longer serve or cause you harm and leaves them in shreds, forcing situations and relationships with people to end to stop the harm being caused by them when all other methods have failed. Taking a stand against those who would break you.

Perfect for all Dark God or Goddess Altars.

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Bones, Claws and Crow Spell Orb