The Breath of Light Spell Orb was created to combine the energies of Light and the Sun with honouring Solar deities, particularly the CelticGoddesses Sulis Goddess of Healing, Prophecy and the Sun as well as Goddess Aine who is often called the Queen of the Fae and is associated with the Summer Solstice.

There is a strong magickal energy of hope and joy to this Spell Orb and it resonates around the idea of "The breath of Light and Life," which helps with gentle purification of self as well as personal renewal, the courage and strength to undergo these personal transformations and the personal conviction to carry on applying all positive changes in your life. It can help bring a sense of personal belief and self empowerment into your spiritual life.
This energy can help you step back out into the light of your own life with a warm, gentle but firm magickal steps.

This Spell orb would make a beautiful addition to any Summer Solstice or Solar deity altar, or an altar for healing work or honouring the Nature Devas or Fae.

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Breath of Light - Goddess Aine Spell Orb