The breath of Spring votive has been re envisioned with a darker colour and slightly more forest based energy.
It still contains the magickal energies to welcome the new spring, for healing, new beginnings, to honour the Goddess Brigid and would make a wonderful addition to any Spring or Forest altar, but additionally has that wild old woods in Spring feel and would work well with Cernunnos or Stag energies as well.


The votive can help you connect to that wild primal spring energy - to help you reaffirm that anything is possible as long as you plant the seeds in your own garden. It is a spell votive of new beginnings and potential, and helps you remember that all things are possible, so go ahead and blossom!!!


Please burn responsibly - contains herbs

All my own recipe work and design all rights reserved

Remakes may vary slightly

Breath of Spring - Renewal Spell Votive