★ Combination of Salted Caramel and Pistachio, Halloween sparkle, and magick of curse removal and new beginnings★

"New for Halloween this year is the completely spooky and yet deliciously scented "Bump in the Night!" Halloween Spell votive!!!


"You cannot run
And you cannot hide
Yeah, you gotta face it, baby
Things go bump in the night!" - Allstars


"Bump in the Night!" Halloween Spell votive is a delicious combination of Salted Caramel and Pistachio that is limited edition and will only be available until Halloween.


Caramel and all things sweet have a rich history associated with the season, mainly via Trick or Treating, the seasonal tradition of dressing up in Halloween costumes and receiving sweets from your neighbours, and also in the form of the Toffee Apple; which mixes the energies of Caramel with the traditional apple of the season.
Caramel is primarily sugar and therefore lends itself to attraction magick, which works beautifully with the Witches New Year.


"Pistachios are an antidote to spells and curses. Arabs eat pistachios to bring them “back to earth” and break love spells. The tasty nuts were even fed to zombies to break their trances." - Alchemylab.com


The combination of Caramel and Pistachio whilst incredibly delicious, also lends itself to the "new beginnings" of Samhain - cleanse away all the negative vibrations from the previous year, saying BOO! to all that might go bump, bump, bump in the night!
Break and ground any malicious magick cast against you, and lay the foundations for a sweet new year with the "Bump in the Night!" Halloween Spell votive.


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"Bump in the Night!" Halloween Spell votive