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This Midsummer we connect to the balance of Light and Water within ourselves... so that we might heal and be renewed, Witches!


Do you struggle to connect with Midsummer - Summer Solstice?

Do you feel exhausted by Solstice? Does it feel you overheated, frustrated, or burnt out? Are you wondering if there is MORE to it than this?


★ Celtic Calling - Goddess Sulis of the Waters & Midsummer ★

★★★ Contains a 71 page E-Book/course - this is a plethora of Goddess information!


★Is this for you?

Walk the path with a Priestess of the Goddess, learning to reconnect and combine the ancient mysteries with the modern day practices!


This course combines Celtic Witchcraft, Goddess worship, folklore, history and magical practices; this e-book/course offers a unique perspective on the Sabbat Festival of Midsummer / Summer Solstice, and reclaiming it for the Goddess Sulis of the Waters!

★ What do we cover in this course?

🌻 A Celtic Witch perspective of the festival of Midsummer with all the information you could possibly need from beginner level to more advanced! Helping you to reconnect to a festival with tips, spells, meditations and more!

🌻 A discussion of some of the appropriate historical and folklore elements of Solstice; looking at what the Celtic people may have originally celebrated and combining that with the evolution of our Witchcraft!

🌻 A guide on what magical practices might improve your life that are perfect for this time of year & undertaking spiritual emotional healing to leave you feeling infinitely restored!

★★★ Goddess Worship, Priestessing & Celtic Witchcraft ★★★

🌻Invocation for and connecting to The Goddess Sulis - call for the Celtic Goddess of Sun and Water!

🌻WHO IS SHE? Lets find out together... Why have we almost forgotten Her? 


🌻 Investigating the clues that patriarchy missed... The famous bathhouse in Bath!

🌻 How the Solstice festival ties into this forgotten Goddess! Lets play spiritual detective!

🌻 Sulis Ritual & Visualisation meditation

🌻 Reclaiming Midsummer, bringing back Water in Spirituality - Finding so much more spiritual depth! Water is essential in Summer, and engaging with your inner Water Witch (and Celtic Witch) is an exciting part of this work!

🌻A guide on how to set up a sacred space for Midsummer


🌀 Honouring & connecting to the ancient Celtic Goddess of the Sacred Waters
🌀Reconnection to the Water Spirits
🌀 Rituals at the Ocean to connect to the Wildness within
🌀 How to emotional release with Water Spirits
🌀 Honouring the ancestors - Mothers of the realm of Sea
🌀 The ancient art of Water Divination
🌀 How to Water dance
🌀 Honouring sacred sites - wells, lakes, rivers
🌀 Bring WATER back to the Solstice!!!

🌻 How to cast a Celtic Circle / Sacred Grove & invoke the Tree Guardians

🌻 How to invoke the Celtic Elemental Mothers of Land, Sea, & Sky
🌻 Evocation of Goddess Sulis & work with the emotional body

🌻Why is water Sacred and magical? Find out all about it!!!

🌻 Water as memory - connecting to our ancestors 

🌻 Sacred Wells, Glastonbury and others

★★★ Spells and how to create Witchy Crafts at home ★★★


🌻 How to connect with the Elemental force of Water
🌻Major Healing Ritual and Releasing with Water and Light

🌻Major Ritual of the Sea Witch - Releasing old hurts
🌻How to perform a Water divination
🌻 How to connect to the sacred pilgrimage of Water
🌻 Spell of invoking Sulis into your space

🌻 How to rebalance yourself and cleanse out what is blocking you from being happy

🌻Creating Chants to connect you to the Element of Water

🌻Correspondence of Roses and How To use them within Healing Spell Work




Celtic Calling Witchcraft Course - Water Goddess Sulis & Midsummer

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