The Goddess Anu Spell Votive is a votive designed to honour the Celtic Goddess Anu who is considered by some to be the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess Morrigan. Some yet argue that She is related to Danu or Anann calling Anu the Mother of all Irish Gods.

However you personally see the Goddess Anu, most agree that She is a goddess of Fertility, associated with health and beauty, wells and springs, as well as being tied to the Land through the Paps of Anu and the Fae in folklore.

For those who call on Anu in maiden form she is the wild Maiden, free and unhindered amongst the wild flowers; hiding amidst crystal caverns and by waters edge where the Swans make their nests.
For those who believe her a Maiden aspect of Morrigan, whose priestesses comforted the dying, she is a virgin warrior, strong, supple and graceful in battle.

Candles contain HERBS please burn carefully

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Celtic Goddess Anu Spell Votive