★★★ Celtic Horse Goddess Epona- The Great Mare - Spell Cauldron Candle ★★★


★ Celtic Goddess Epona, Horse spirit magick, Earth rituals and Grounding, Personal Sovereignty, Protection when travelling, Protection and Healing through spiritual Journeys, Road opening ★


This Spell Cauldron candle is designed to venerate the Celtic Goddess of Horses, Epona, "The Great Mare."


Alot of the surviving information that tells us of the nature of the Goddess Epona comes from the British Celts whose stories were recorded by Christian monks, although it is believed that Epona was primarily a Gaulish Celtic Goddess, born of a man and a mare. The mare in her origin story was said to have named Epona; hinting that the mare herself was divine in nature, perhaps a previous horse Goddess, and the naming ceremony highlights the importance of Epona herself.


In modern pagan practice, Epona is a gentle Solar Goddess, who presides over journeys of all kinds; emotional, physical and spiritual, protecting those under her care.


Her magick is thought to be tied to the Earth and Fertility; in Celtic traditions this crosses into the realm of Sovereignty as a ruler and the land were said to share one spirit.

There is a deep connectivity between Horse energy and humankind, as they have been our friends and allies throughout history, in tending the land, in war, and in travel.


"When there is an honest relationship between humankind, and horsekind, and the land, all three are connected and it becomes a spiritual exercise." - Goddess Epona


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Warning: Cauldron gets hot, please burn on a heat proof surface

Celtic Horse Goddess Epona- The Great Mare - Spell Cauldron Candle