Celtic Sanctuary - Protection Spell Votive

Celtic Sanctuary - Protection Spell Votive

The Celtic Sanctuary Spell Votives are centred around the idea of the creation of a personal protective circle from the Celtic witchcraft path known as "Caim" - the creation of an energetic circle of protection around ones self to keep you safe from all negativity and harm.

These votives embody and radiate the energy which I perceive as being the Celtic "temple" - that is of Koad or the Sacred grove; a sacred space surrounded by and protected with tree and earth energy, a natural energy of peace and worship. This is however more of an astral journey and the creation of astral security - an ethereal thought grove to help one access messages from the higher self and the Divine.

Celtic Sanctuary Spell Votives combine the energies of Life, Death and Rebirth, the many cycles of life, this beautiful energy can help us to access a place of safety when all the world seems harmful, access solitude when the voices all around ones self are harsh, a place of love when all you can hear is hate, finding gentleness when the world is cruel.

Sanctuary can help you breath, to pause and reflect, in a safe and protected space, not about retreat but instead respite, bandaging the wounds so that you can continue the fight towards your highest self, your truth, refusing to justify yourself and believing your Gods will guide you, listen to and speak to you. A calming presence, a hand on the shoulder, encouragement, and the realignment with belief. A reconnection to Divinity and to help us understand the transformation process.


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