★★★Celtic Warrior Spell Salts★★★

★All naturally dyed Blue Salt complete with English Crow feathers!★

★Spiritual Warrior, Defense, Barrier★

Celtic Warrior Spell salt is a spell salt that is all naturally dyed to reflect the blue war paint of the ancient Celts.
This symbolic act of painting ones self, readying ones self for battle can be seen as an act of duality; reflecting the relationship between the physical acts of war and the spiritual realms.

Firstly the energy of the Celtic Warrior reflects the act of becoming the Warrior; a rite of initiation into the mind set; preparing ones self for battle. This spell powder can help if you need to channel these energies within any area of your life; if you are under attack from gossips, facing legal battles, ill-wishing, individuals who are infringing your personal or spiritual self etc and you need to step into your war mantle. This beautiful oil can help you channel the energies of your inner warrior; to become more intimidating, more ferocious, more primal and wild; frightening away all those that would wish you harm. It is also ideal for channeling specific War Deities; in this Witches case this is channeling the Celtic War Goddess Morrigan but the Spell oil can be used for all War-like Deities.
The Barrier like energy of this powder also helps setting up an energy around the home through which enemies cannot enter.

Secondly the energy of the Celtic Warrior channels the Spiritual and ritual act of applying War paint; of Druids painting the images of spirit onto the body of the Warrior. The war paint also relates to channeling the Gods energy when going into battle; to help one connect to the idea of fighting for more than ones self; to defend, to be loyal, and to reach the highest levels of ones path. Perfect for rituals or spells involving duty and honour on a spiritual as well as a physical level.

General uses of magickal Salt;
* Put in a dish under your bed to negate bad dreams and ward unwanted watchers or spirits.
* Cast a line across your doorways & windows to keep out evil, avoid unwanted company, and reflect slander or jealousy back to the source.
* Add to floor washes to cleanse your home, front walkway, and ritual space of negative energies.
* Add to bath water when you are feeling especially depressed, angry, or negative.
* Use in baneful workings to make an enemy leave
* Use to symbolize the waning moon, eclipses, and new moons.  These are times for endings, binding work, trance & journeying to Under Realms, & uncrossing or removing curses.
* Mitigate the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde.
* For Spirit Callings and Ancestor works
* Sprinkle on items or possessions that you feel have bad memories or attachments to them.

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No artificial colourants.


Celtic Warrior Battle Spell Salts