The Dark Crow of War energy is a blend of the War Crow with the Celtic Goddess Morrigan, resonating around the energy of the ground after a battlefield, it resonates protection and War like energies. The powder itself resembles the ground after a battlefield and lends itself to protection and War energy.

It builds on the already potent energies of Crow of War and adds a further burst of energy from the Dark Goddess aspect of Morrigan.

"Blood and Corvid feather lay on the battlefield

A sign of war and struggle

The ethereal eye of the Crow turns to you

Reflecting Mother Morrigan pumping through your veins

You are called to be more than you are

Hold yourself to a higher ideal

Be the warrior, and fight, never give up,

Never surrender."

It is imbued with energies of the Celtic Goddess Morrigan and her war like self and epitomizes the idea of crows being present on the battlefield.

It is for war, victory, personal success, success in battles of all kinds such as legal battles where manipulation is getting in the way of justice, battling ones inner demons, for the spiritual warrior to aid them driving out all negative, harmful and evil energies or entities. Helps you in battles where righteous anger is on your side.
Dark Crow of War is the final blow of the blade of the Goddess, for serious situations which must meet their end.


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Dark Crow of War Spell Powder