"Dark Goddess" Herbal Blessing Salt contains energies for and of the Dark Goddess.

Give in offering to any "Dark" or Crone Goddess. Can be used for banishing work, to banish negative energies affecting your life whether it be from others or from within.
Can be used to combat stress, depression and emotional illness.
Would be a beautiful addition to circle casting at the Dark Moon or in the waning moon phase.

Why not invest in some "Dark Goddess" Herbal Blessing Salts this month and embrace the energies of the Darker Goddess. She is strength, wisdom, wildness... the dark night sky punctuated by stars.
She is timeless, ageless and free and will show you how to become a seed in the dark, to push through your shell and grow.
She is the protective fierce mother who will allow no harm to come to you.
All these energies are woven into the Dark Goddess Herbal blessings salts.


Please note: the bowl is not included.

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"Dark Goddess" Herbal Blessing Salt