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★★★ Dark Goddess Lilith - Black Spell Salt ★★★


★ Death, decay, rebirth, beauty from ugliness, strength from tragedy, courage from pain as well as regaining female sexuality and power. Perfect for magick of Sensuality, sexuality, personal power and charisma. ★


Temple of Dark Goddess Lilith - The Dark Goddess Lilith presents a Temple that exists as though after a Volcanic eruption; the visualisation was of a black earthy circle enriched after a volcanic disaster; all that once was vile has been burnt to ash, decay has been cleared away and all that remains is the dark fertile rich soil at the Goddess Liliths feet.

Goddess Lilith kneels at the centre of this circle, hands bloody from the trauma but clawed deep into that rich fertile soil resonating with the energies of Death and Rebirth and infusing the soil with her sensual and sexual energy and the promise that anything can grow from this joining.

The Salt is designed to honour the Dark Goddess Lilith in ritual or spell work design to connect to her energies; perfect for creating and crossing as well as breaking through energy barriers; it represents the Earth from the temple of Lilith and the visualisation from Her suggested it could be used against those who would place blocks on your energy even though their opinions should not matter to you; to refuse and refute their judgments; to take this spell salt in your clenched fist and throw it outward, destroying those barriers and blockages.

An oft misunderstood Goddess, Lilith speaks to those who walk alone along a path free from the confines of popular (and unwanted) opinion, She speaks to challenging pre-conceived notions and looking beyond the lies to see the truth.


Lilith is far more primal female energy who predates the Bible, possibly originally emerging in Ancient Sumerian Culture; a Dark Goddess energy with a challenging sexual energy; Lilith forces us to reexamine our preconceived judgments on sexuality.

Goddess Lilith is persuasive and sensual in her arguments with a smoke and mirrors energy; She is the art of seduction, weaving together words and movements designed to be seductive and being firm in ones right to be a sexual being.


For many generations Lilith was condemned as the first woman in the Bible; She refused to submit sexually to Adam and was cast out of paradise to become a "mother of monsters"; this tale is likely a patriarchal construct to be rejected for what it is; an attempt to condemn and control women. As such, Lilith cares not for the attitudes of those who seek to suppress and instead reaches out to those who have been belittled and condemned, particularly for their sexuality.


Liliths Dark goddess energy helps us to overcome judgment from others, ignore others opinions and peer pressure and Lilith ferociously defends female sexuality in particular; refusing to allow past hurts to prevent females in particular from enjoying their sensual and sexual selves.

Lilith represents the blossoming from Death and Decay; taking that ugliness, that heartbreak, that tragedy and utilising it to grow forth as a beautiful flower; the ugliness from the past has only served to bring forth true beauty in yourself.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Dark Goddess Lilith ★ Black Spell Salt

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