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Anointing Spell Oil -

Available in an Amber vial with metal rollerball dispersal, each anointing oil is created for magical use with essential oils and a base carrier oil. No ick, no synthetics, all natural and beautiful scented.

Not intended as a cosmetic perfume but should not irritate skin. Anoint your magical tools and jewellery with this gorgeous Spell oil!


★ Dark Gothic Romance ★


"When you separate an entwined particle, and move both parts away from the other, even at opposite ends of the universe, if you alter or affect one, the other will be identically altered or affected. Spooky." - Adam, Only Lovers left alive


★Sensuality, Lust, the Dark Lover within, Attracting a mate, Sexuality, Passion, Reclaiming your sensual self, Spicing up your love life,  Empower your sexual being  ★


★Scent -  Lashings of dark chocolate over cardamom, oud, patchouli & vanilla amongst other scents


Dark romance is actually one of the oldest anointing oils & was in need of a makeover. It’s updated scent is rich, evocative & as sensual as Tom Hiddleston in a gothic romance! 


The story behind it is of a deeply seductive gothic twist of a fairytale scent; with a rich chocolate twang built in amongst rich spices, there’s nothing sickly sweet about this romance... pure passion. Delicious!

Within the energetic spell matrix of this blend there is the element of animalistic connection at a primal level, the eternal lover, the connection that lasts through the ages.
There is passion and heat, a little obsession, the sensual connection, the fiery dynamic between partners... bring this intensity into your life and magick with this gorgeous anointing oil!

Perfect for embodying your inner dark lover, empowering your sensual self and helping you bring all your fire to the surface.
Embrace all your passions from a place of inner power and disregard self doubt.


★ Dark Chocolate in Witchcraft - with a Earth/Fire correspondence, Dark Chocolate helps root our desires into the physical world, and is the embodiment of a good sensual time! It can help attract lovers as well as fire up our own inner lover archetype.


★ Vanilla in Witchcraft - Vanilla adds even more creamy sweetness to balance the spice within, creating a perfectly sumptuous love potion. Vanilla is used for conjuring up love, attracting a mate, to embody sensuality and to love the self. Pure passion!


★ Patchouli  in Witchcraft - Patchouli is considered a staple herb in Witchcraft for sexual rites, as an aphrodiasic and for raising the life force, for love magick, as well as for Earthing and grounding work. This makes it an ideal Witches herb as the parallel between the orgasmic and the raising of life force for spell work is rich in symbolism.


★ Oud in Witchcraft - Oud has a wonderful connectiveness that promotes a stillness and harmony when one is communing with Spirits, it cleanses out negativity from without and within, a unisex fragrance which is deeply alluring to other people, and can bring out your animal magnetism!


★ Cardamom in Witchcraft - Used in Love and Lust spells to bring warmth and deepen the passion. Deeply sexy it helps bring the fire to all relationships.


How to use:

★Anoint red candles to attract a lover who is uniquely matched to your personal needs
★ Discover your inner Dark Lover Archetype with the delicious scent
★ For Spells to combat the feeling of a lack of self esteem.
★ Use to honour your Sensual self and attract a new companion
★ Anoint the home before settling in to watch a good gothic romance!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Amber 10ml with metal rollerball
Base carrier Oil - Olive 

Best before - 1 year shelf life
Contains essential oils and skin safe fragrance oils
Not for cosmetic use

Dark Gothic Romance ★ Anointing Spell Oil

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