★Protection, Barrier, Dismantling Curses★


"Dark Holy Mama!" powder is a new take on my original "Holy Mama" red brick with a kick powder. It has been created with disgarded church bricks that have been imbued with protective energies of the Dark Goddess. It is extra potent against malicious magick and will protect you and your home from curses and negative energy sent your way whilst neutralising the negative energy itself.

Red brick with a kick powder. Red brick and protective herbs. Potent barrier magick to protect you and your home from negativity.


Dark Holy Mama! is a fiery brick powder made with disgarded church bricks and a potent blend of herbs to form a magickal barrier to protect your home, sacred space or even yourself from harm, but it goes one step further, actively dismantling purposefully sent malicious intent and magick. It puts all nasty energies to the sword and gives them a quick death.


The history of red brick powder is a long one, in modern times it is most associated with Voodoo workings though it can be traced back to rituals and magickal workings in Ancient Egypt and red Ocre Clay is found in cave paintings from either further back.

With such a long history, red brick powder takes on a primal quality, backed by the ages, and taps into the Earth memory of magick. This modern Starry version is incredibly potent and will not let you down.


It is further imbued with the protective energies of Obsidian, creating a warrior energy that blockades against all negative energy trying to drain your home or space of positive energy.


My own recipe, design and work all rights reserved.

"Dark Holy Mama!" Red brick with a kick powder