The Starry Witch Spell Spritz - a non smoke alternative to the incenses available on store!

The Starry Witch Spritz Spell range has been blended with essential oils, purified English spring water and a dash of alcohol to purify and add shelf life to the product.

Blended to a high standard and tested on this witches' altar space, these gorgeously scented spritzes are imbued with magical energies and infused with conduited energy from sacred space to alter the vibrations around your aura, your sacred space, your home, your vehicle... whereever you want to spritz!


★★★ Dark Queen ★★★


"One such mask that has long intrigued and piqued my interest is that of the Dark Queen, often portrayed as the Fairy tale “villain,” she is a complicated and intricate creature forged from Otherness; often in full command of magical abilities, sometimes a Witch, sometimes a Shapeshifter, sometimes a Seer… but always she is a ruler, in complete control of herself, her power, and frequently, her kingdom." - Dark Queen, an alternative archetype of Sovereignty


★Dark goddess, Dark Queen, sexual liberation, freedom, release and personal sovereignty, reclaiming the archetype of the Dark Queen to help you step into your own power, rejecting conditioning, honour your sensual, sexual self, and helping you reclaim the power in your own life★


★Scent - Sultry, Evocative, Erotic... sex on a stick. So so sexy. And Powerful. It winks at you until you gasp “yaaaas Queen.” Notes of Narcissus, Vanilla, Neroli and more... ★


Dark Queen - The Dark Queen scent and energetic matrix represents the energy of the Dark Goddess embodied on the Earthly plane as a powerful energy of personal Sovereignty.

The Dark Queen is unapologetic for her Sovereignty, her needs, her desires for She is the fertile Earth that embodies the Celtic mythology that land is tied to the worthiness of the King or Queen that rules over it; honourable and powerful as the Dark Queen is, her land and self are abundant and boundless.

The Dark Queen manifests her dreams, unchained and unchallenged by petty opinions or judgments, She weaves her path on the night sky, calling forth destiny and magick by the blood in her very veins.
Create your own temple of limitless possibility and potential in order to manifest your dreams and achieve mastery over the Self; know that you are bewitching, enticing and confident, take assurity in yourself and claim your personal sovereignty with the Dark Queen energy.
Take control of your own power, sensuality, sexuality and be firm in your command, sense of self and seek to manifest your limitless potential.


★ Narcissus in Witchcraft - Narcissus embodies the difficult path to self love, in overcoming simply egotistical answers & instead embody the strength of inner love.

★ Vanilla Bean in Witchcraft - Vanilla is sweet, sultry, comforting & seductive, a total enchantress in the realms of love and sex magick. The energy helps one feel comfortable in ones body too, assisting with self love and glamour work

★ Neroli in Witchcraft - Neroli is one of the love essential oils, and is perfect for getting in touch with one's feminine energy and sensuality, perfect to use in tantric rituals and all acts of pleasure, opening one up to the empowered erotic self.


How to use the Witch Spritz:

★ In Love, Sex, and attraction spells - spray around yourself before a date! (Even if its not in person but online, it will boost your confidence!)
★ In the boudoir prior to any sexy times, with others or self
★ To fully embody the Dark Queen archetype, reclaiming your sovereignty and power - for rituals of reclaiming the self
★ Before personal rituals of pleasure or to reclaim sensuality


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    Starry Witch Spritz Spray - Dark Queen - Personal Sovereignty and Empowerment