This beautiful spell votive combines the magick of Ogham with Samhain (or Halloween) seasonal energies of transformation, divination, death cycles, remembrance and personal magick.

The Trees rustle and dance with the dead in the great cycle of all that ever was and all that shall ever be.

It blends the energies of tree magick and wisdom with Samhain energy, of personal harvest, endings and Death magick such as death within life cycles, rebirth energies to allow you to begin again, honouring ancestors, banishing as well clearing that which no longer serves from your life, cleansing of negative energies and releasing of painful memories to allow for healing.
It also resonates with the introspection and divination that flourishes in the Dark half of the year and can be used for Shamanistic journey as we look inward.

It has been imbued with Nuumite.

Contains herbs burn with care
Not for consumption.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved


Deathly dance of Trees Spell Votive


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