The Down the Pumpkin Path Spell Orb has been created to embody the energies of Samhain with particular focus on a strong meditation visualisation of walking through that Autumnal path, surrounded by falling leaves, perhaps walking through the graveyard to honour the ancestors, perhaps through a pumpkin patch to celebrate this time of year.

This beautiful Spell Orb has been created to reflect that wonderful energy of personal journeying. The spell orb reflects personal introspection at Samhain; of beginnings and endings, letting go of the past and those things that no longer serve our highest good and allow us to open up new doors of limitless potential.

It brings in the excitement of Samhain; reminding you that you are in charge of who you want to be, and the possibilities are limitless! Perfect for those who find that Halloween speaks to their very soul.

Would make a wonderful addition to any magickal space or altar. Hang them above your altar or shrine in honour of the particular God or Goddess, make them part of spell work by having them present on your working spell altar for particular spells, meditate holding them... the possibilities are endless!

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Down the Pumpkin Path Spell Orb - Halloween


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