★Dreams of Avalon Spell Kit - Collaboration with RosebudsandRavens, A Herbalist and Witch★


★ Moon Magick, Connection to the Dream State of Avalon, Assisting in restful sleep and difficulty relaxing, channeling the healing energy of Avalon through the mind and body, encouraging sacred dreams in a gentle way ★


★ Scents - combining Lavender, White Tea and a hint of Sage amongst others to bring a restful, cleansing, and calming scent that is ideal for relaxation and rejuvination ★


“I have oft dreamt of you,

Of Avalon,

Between the mist of twilight hours,

Before the dawn breaks and stirs me from slumber,

And there I find myself at peace,

With the healing rest traversing my body

So I might truly rejuvenate

My weary soul,

Of how I dream of Avalon,

In the best and most sacred of nights.” - Joey Morris


★ The magic of Dreams of Avalon channels the Priestess of Avalon burning Lavender bundles in the twilight hours, and calling you to rest now, and dream. 

She sees your weary heart, and knows that you have been hurting, and how your soul feels heavy with all that has been happening in the world. 

She understands. She Knows.
There are blankets and pillows of plenty here in her Yurt, warmed by a woodstove, and you can hear the gentle lapping of the water from the Lake of Avalon. 
Here you may feel at peace and protected, watched over by the Priestess of the Goddess, as she dances outside, leaving billowing smoke trails, fragrant with Lavender, roasted Tea, and Sage, that lulls you to a state of sacred dreaming.


★ The Spell Kit contains...

★1x RosebudandRaven's Wheat Pillow - can be heated and placed on the forehead before sleep
★ 1x RosebudandRaven's Moon & Avalon Star Talisman - Clay infused with Herbs and adorned with the Sigil of Dreams of Avalon as well as Rose Quartz to promote restful sleep. An Amethyst crystal completes the Talisman.
★ Dreams of Avalon Starry Aura Spritz - Spray on your Pillow before bed or around your Sacred space before Ritual. It combines lavender notes a hint of sage and white tea, amongst others and is perfect for creating a peaceful environment... something which can be hard to come by at times.
★ Dreams of Avalon Moon votive - It’s so damn cute just look at it!!!
So this one is a soy votive packed with lavender with a decorative moon on the top and well, I think it’s neat. Blessed and imbued with moon magick, dream weaving and peaceful slumber - it’s a calming and wonderful votive for your witchcraft!

★ Dreams of Avalon Chalice Well water is a combination of water from the Chalice well at Glastonbury and natural spring water - infused under the Blue Moon at Samhain.The Dreams of Avalon spell kits will be limited numbers and this is one of the reasons why... this special magical water right here.The sacred well water from Glastonbury is famous for its healing properties and through flowing through one of the most sacred pagan parts of Britain.That Blue Moon at Samhain was SUPER rare, so the energies within are off the chart.Moon magick, healing, dream work, manifestation and peaceful properties.
★ Selenite Moon & Purple Dreams of Avalon Sigil Mini Talismans - Combining the magick of Selenite and Obsidian, the small Wand charm of the Moon both cleanses out negative energy with the Obsidian to cut through icky energy, and draws in peaceful energy with Selenite. The Small purple charm features my channelled and crafted Sigil to add to your spellwork or pop under the bed before dreaming. 
★ Dreams of Avalon Spell Bath Salts - Containing 3 types of Salt blends, The Spell salts are always packed with incredibly cleansing power. Perfect for a cleansing bath before ritual or spellwork, or just to clear off any lingering energy that interferes with the sleep process. The bath or spell salts pictures in a bowl will actual be around 100g worth (only 15g pictures in bowl, which is not included.)
★ Small local bundle of Lavender.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Dreams of Avalon Spell Kit - Peace, Dreams & Healing