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★ Samhain, the Otherworld, travelling through the otherworld, psychic senses,  Alice in wonderland vibes, travelling the Old roads, Self initiation into Old World Magick ★


The dark fantasy forest candle is one of my absolute favourite candles, and I am just a smidge obsessed with wild mushrooms, especially the Fly Agaric. So I wanted to make a limited edition version, which takes on the wyrd and wonderful energy of Samhain and Halloween, when all manner of spooks and creatures are seen!


Mushrooms and baneful spirits have a rich history and folklore of being used to alter states of consciousness so one might more easily see and travel through the Other realms of being. This beautiful candle taps into that energy without poisons, vibrating around the idea of what the forest might look like from otherworldly eyesight. 


It can be used as part of Samhain rituals, to assist when engaging in works of astral travel, Otherworldly meditations and journeys, and shapeshifting - as well as for creating connections to plant spirits - such as the fabulous Fungi - for creating a connection and relationship to them. This process assists with opening your psychic senses to the subtle worlds beyond our own.


Or you can just celebrate Samhain as part of the enchanted forest... a place of wild old magics, Witches, crooked trees singing, pumpkins being carved and more!


My own work, recipe and design all rights reserved. ©


Glass can get hot when candle is burning, please burn with care and use a heatproof mat underneath

Never leave a burning candle unattended
Remove herbs to lessen the heat / burn prior to burning
Burns for approx 5 hours


Size - Diameter: 125mm Height: 70mm

Dish will hold approx. 440g of Soy wax
Cotton Eco wick

Do not ingest

Enchanted Wonderland Forest ★ Fly Agaric ★ Hedge Witch candle

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