The Esbat Moon Powders Duo is a magickal spell set that contains two spell powders; one for the Full Moon and one for the Dark Moon.


They are designed to be used as part of your Moon rituals known as Esbats; you can sprinkle some around the base of a candle or around your circle as you cast, add them to your spellwork in any way you see fit, add them to a sachet or spell pouch, or add them to water and bathe with them or sprinkle them around your magickal space.
Would also make a wonderful offering to the Lunar and Dark Moon Gods and Goddesses.


The Full Moon spell powder is imbued with energies of manifestation, creative energies and wish fulfilment. It is a powder of making things manifest and grow as well as dream work such as prophetic dreaming, and connecting to lunar deity and energy.


The Dark Moon spell powder is imbued with energies of banishing, deep mysteries and magick, divination and self cleansing and getting rid of negativity through personal cleansing and grounding.


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Esbat Moon - Lunar Spell Powders Duo