★Heart of Autumn, Celebrating Personal Harvest, Healing through transformation, Opening yourself to the future, Opening yourself up to a magical life, Empowering yourself★


The Priestess of Avalon steps out in hooded crimson robes tied with a woolen knot and walks barefoot amongst the fallen leaves and autumn harvests, her arms outstretched as she speaks to the spirits of the rain and wind.

The priestess speaks; "Before you is the harvest, the bounty of your soul; its experiences, joys, and sadnesses, the balance of all life, the essence of personal transformation. You are forever in motion, a moving work of art. You are enough. Open the gateways to your future."


The Falling leaves of Avalon spell range combines the energies of the mystical realm of Avalon within which I conduct healing rituals, with that of Autumn; my favourite time of year!

It embodies the heart of Autumnal magick; of falling leaves, harvest time, mist and magick.

The aesthetic of the spell range is designed to encapsulate the leaves from the trees taking flight within the seasonal winds, as the they dance their last and kiss the surface of the lake of Avalon, whispering to the Spirits of the Water and causing ripples of Prophecy.


The energies within the spell range assist in celebrating personal harvests with gratitude, teaching us to see the bounty of soul within ourselves as well as supporting us with healing and grounding through periods of change and personal transformation.

Falling leaves of Avalon reminds us that there is a cycle to all things and that we can greet challenges with strength and perseverance - and eventually discover a newfound sense of hope.


Autumn brings into focus the beauty of impermanence, the necessity of moving forward through the cycles of experience within this incarnation. It celebrates the beauty of death and decay given form.
As we allow the old to flow into memory and celebrate the lessons as well as who we have become, and so we can open ourselves to the next stages of life.

Falling leaves of Avalon reminds us that we are enough. You can be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


★★★ How to use ★★★


★ Put in a dish on your ancestor altar to thank them for their assistance in your life - how they have helped you to gain these harvests.

★ Cast a line across your altar for spells pertaining to reclaiming your personal power.

★ Use as an offering to the Spirits of the Land for all they have given (as a thankyou when wildcrafting you can leave some in the ground, it's completely biodegradable and earth-safe.)

★ Add to dream pillows if you are feeling stuck or apathetic about your life and would like to be inspired through your dreams

★ Use in Healing spells especially surrounding self-worth

★ Use to symbolize the Waxing Moon. For the increase of creativity, abundance, and sense of self

★ Mitigate the negative effects of the inner critic.

★ For Spirit Callings and Ancestor works


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    Falling Leaves of Avalon ★ Equinox Offering powder ★