For the Love of Morrigan Spell Orb has been created to honour the Celtic Goddess Morrigan particularly at Samhain; particularly to celebrate her aspect of Life and Life force as she copulates with the Celtic God Dagda at Samhain.

This beautiful Spell Orb has been created to reflect that wonderful energy of the union of masculine and feminine energies, the union of life and death, love ans lust and the celebration of the coming together of duality at Samhain.
This wonderful energy celebrates the sensual side of the Goddess Morrigan; showing her power, freedom, sexuality - her female life force within a joyous and loving scope.

Would make a wonderful addition to any magickal space or altar. Hang them above your altar or shrine in honour of the particular God or Goddess, make them part of spell work by having them present on your working spell altar for particular spells, meditate holding them... the possibilities are endless!

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For the Love of Goddess Morrigan Spell Orb