Summer solstice one off pieces | Bone work

In the lead up to midsummer I’m going to have a few one off pieces never to be repeated & this cutie is the first.

It’s a wildcrafted fox pelvis bone which I’ve painted with a cute fox Sigil, Ivy ogham and Awen symbol.


Fox energy remembers the safe ways to tread, and how to shape shift into other worlds with ease, and he will teach you these gifts if you have the wits to learn.


Ivy has an amazing energy, incredible delicate yet strong energy, balancing the spiral dance of grace and beauty within the great cycles of life and spirituality yet underneath that is an incredible will to overcome and survive. To not allow ones will to over dominate and destroy but be grounded in Earth whilst seeking the spiritual guidance from the sky.


Awen symbols the creative energy of the universe - helping you to tap into  your potential and magical power.


Fox Hip Bone Talisman - Fox & Ivy