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The Fox Totem Spell Orb - Magician of the Hedgerow has been created to honour and work with the energies of the Fox Spirit or to honour ones personal Fox totem.
Fox is a shapeshifter, a magician, a trickster, who knows the paths through the wood.
Fox knows which paths are safe to tread and which are not as he moves silently, stealthily and invisibly through the hedgerow, and is willing to teach us, if we have the wisdom to listen, to be still and present.
Fox can sense danger lurking in the light and the darkness, and she can teach us to be wary, knowing when to engage situations and when to avoid them; for keen eyesight and cunning intellect will serve us just as well as claws and teeth.
Fox is a shapeshifter and the magician of the hedgerow, possessing knowledge, wisdom and magick, he is in complete control of his power and can deepen our instincts and improve our psychic senses when we embrace his wisdom.
Fox knows the mysteries of the Hedgerow and can freely cross these boundaries, and She will guide us along our Hedge-lined paths, if we are swift and nimble of foot.

Would make a wonderful addition to any magickal space or altar. Hang them above your altar or shrine in honour of the God or Goddess of the Woods, as part of a Totem or guide Altar, make them part of spell work by having them present on your working spell altar for particular spells, meditate holding them... the possibilities are endless!

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

For more information please watch the video!

Fox Totem Spell Orb - Magician of the Hedgerow

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