New to Starry Eyed Supplies just for Halloween is the "Ghost Light" Halloween Spell votive!

Ghostlight refers to the mythological light believed to be given off by certain ghosts, specifically the Will-o-the-wisp, who is said to shine over boglands and marshes, and depending on who tells the tale, it will either lead you to safety or to your demise!

The "Ghost Light" Halloween Spell votive is a much friendlier spook however and can help light your way in dark places.
The beautiful shimmer within the votive represents an unearthly spectral beauty and a combination of essential oils give this an almost "lemonade" fragrance!


Magickally speaking, "Ghost Light" Halloween Spell votive packs a punch too, loaded with energies for psychic awareness, cleansing away any negative energies interfering with your psychic senses, stimulating dreams and dream recall, and for generally clearing a space of negative energy!


A truly friendly ghost, "Ghost Light" Halloween Spell votive will only be available for a limited time so don't miss out!

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"Ghost Light" Halloween Spell votive