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Circe in meditation; "I am intoxication."


"Kirke (Circe), a goddess with braided hair, with human speech and with strange powers; baleful Aeetes was her brother, and both were radiant Helios the sun-god's children; their mother was Perse, Okeanos' (Oceanus') daughter." Homer, Odyssey 10. 135 ff (trans. Shewring) (Greek epic C8th B.C.)

Circe is best known as a Goddess of sorcery "Pharmakeia" (pharmacy and herbs) who was sometimes portrayed as a mortal witch or enchantress, or a nymph.
She was the daughter of the Sun God Helios and an Oceanid, is usually found living on an Island close to the Ocean, and is always involved in various rituals and spellwork. 
Circe represents a breadth of powers and abilities; on the one hand her credentials as a sea witch are unmistakeable, her heritage is oceanic, she is surrounded by the ocean, and uses salt water as a purification tonic for nightmares;


“They found Kirke bathing her head in the salt water. She had been terrified by a nightmare...” Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4.662 


However she also displays mastery over the Earth, particularly with herbs and potions, and almost epitomises the link between poisoner and healer, that to be able to harm is to be able to heal. She participates in rituals to intervene with cosmic law on the behalf of mortals, offering libations to Zeus and blood sacrifice to right the scales.
She also transmutes all of Odysseus's men into pigs, and has the ability to seduce, capture and bewitch the senses of men.

Lessons of Circe may include deepening your witchcraft, Ocean magick, herbalism and its wisdom, personal transmutation, and the seductive arts.


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