Goddess Freya Spell Salts

Goddess Freya Spell salts are designed to honour the Nordic Goddess Freya, Goddess of Love, Beauty, Gold, Sensuality, Magick, War, and Death.
The aesthetic reflects the myths of Freya; it had to be beautiful and sensual, but also full of wiley wild energies who can pit Gods against one another in War if She so desires, she is beauty and feminine within the scope of a Death Goddess, a force that cannot be denied.
Freya is in control of her sexuality in control of her Sovereignty; She leads souls to her realm in the afterlife, sharing souls with Odin and is described as having "White arms that light up the darkness of the Underworld."
There is an underlining Death aspect to the Spell oil, threading together her energies as a multifaceted Goddess; reflecting her role as Goddess and Valkyrie.

"When did beauty become weakness? Or frailty? If you grip the Rose too tightly it will cut you; you will bleed." - Goddess Freya in meditation.

The Salts are perfect for harmonising with energies of the Goddess when added to Water which is a natural conduit between spiritual realms; it embodies the Otherworldy nature of the Gods. Bathe with the salts to bring Beauty and Love into your life, and to remind yourself that you too are strong and beautiful.

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For more information about the energies of the Goddess Freya spell range please watch the video!


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