Goddess Morrigan Spell Box Set

★Goddess Morrigan Spell Box Set★

★Including -

★Original designed and hand painted spell box

★Blade over Shield Morrigan Protection Spell Oil

★Mama M - Morrigan Black Salt

★Crow feather

This beautiful Spell box was designed and hand painted for the Goddess Morrigan whilst in ritual circle.
It has been designed to embody the essence of this complex Goddess and provide a 'mini altar' space in which to honour Her.
The colour design is traditional and displays one of her most well known symbols; the Raven.
A raven in Celtic mythology was said to consume the fallen on the battlefield and transport them to the Otherworld, and the most well known mythological reference to the Morrigan as a shapeshifting Raven is when she lands on CuChulainn at the moment of his death, showing that Her prophecy is fulfilled and that She guards his death.

The Blade over Shield Spell Oil is my personal (and customer) favourite protection spell oil that embodies my relationship with the Goddess Morrigan. She told me once it is a far better thing to be a Shield of the Morrigan than a blade; for the Shield will endure throughout life and protect those around it.

"Blade over Shield,
Shield over Arm
Arm over Heart."

Mama M Black Salt is my personal black salt recipe that contains crow feathers, also created in meditational ritual with the Goddess Morrigan.

The set also comes with a crow feather, as crows are also associated with the Goddess (and sometimes the Raven and Crow seem to be treated as interchangeable although I would personally disagree with that sentiment.)

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