★★★Goddess Hera Spell Oil ★★★


★Greated for the Greek Goddess Hera★


★Sovereignty, taking charge, accomplishment, Eyes to see★


The Greek Goddess Hera was the Queen of the Gods in the Greek mythos and ruled over Marriage, Women, the Sky, and is said to have ruled over the heavens and the earth, responsible for every aspect of existence, including the seasons and the weather.


The Goddess Hera is not portrayed in the best light by the partiarchal Greek myths, her overall themes being of a jealous nature, constantly betrayed by her husband Zeus who cuckolds her repeatedly, She is often said to have behaved wrathfully and spitefully towards the lovers or victims (and even at times, the children) of Zeus' appetites.
As with many of the Greek myths, it is necessary to peel back the layers of defamation that has been laid at a Goddesses feet.


Hera is a Goddess of Women and Marriage, perhaps a far older Deity than the Helios Greek tradition, and so may have upheld two pillars of feminine empowerment in her Godhood; a Goddess whom Women could approach for their concerns and wishes, and then a Goddess to petition on matters of marriage. Marriage under the ancient Greeks may have been a largely loveless affair, rearranged by family members for social status and material gain.
This is usually the case with patriarchal societies, but if Hera was older than this tradition, She may have represented a time of fairer marriage, the memory of a more empowered feminity.


In the Greek myths, she is still on equal footing with Zeus, firm in her power, it is her natural position, and when She choses, Hera lends her aid to mortal men, such as with Jason, who retrieved the Golden Fleece with Her assistance.

It is interesting that often Goddess Hera is referenced with eye imagery; Her own eyes are said to be beautiful and large, and the myth with Io and Argus the thousand eyed guardian, whose eyes she placed in a Peacock tail to honour his memory after he was killed by Hermes.
"Eyes to see," is a key theme to the energies of the Goddess Hera; She teaches us to see beyond the slander, and reminds us of a key theme of marriage; noone sees what happens behind closed doors.
It is a lesson to keep your eyes open in all situations, staying true to yourself no matter the obstacle or the lies that are told as a result.

The Spell oil has a creative element to aid you in shaping your destiny and will, and there is a strong element of Sovereign, Queen, regal energy.
There is an essence of personal pride and accomplishment... but its deserved, merited - it speaks of hard work and accomplishment.

There is an undertone too of magick, being able to shape magick to ones will, personal power (and of course sovereignty).


All Starry eyed Oils are personally blended by me to a high witchy standard. All oil bases are natural oil, no synthetics. Oils may also include herbs, resins, roots, flowers and occasionally essential oils. All the good stuff, none of the ick.

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Greek Goddess Hera Spell Oil