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Hades is the Greek god of the Underworld and Death; a solemn Sovereign Deity who demands the respect due to his office and who keeps the balance of the natural world by ruling over the spirits of the Dead. In modern misconception he is sometimes portrayed as evil (and indeed this can be traced back to the fear of death in Greek society as well as ours) but the only incidents of wrathful behaviour from Hades are located in myths where people try to cheat Death or escape from the Underworld which defies his Sovereignty and could potentially cause chaos in the world.


On occassion, Hades has even been moved to empathy; such as with the plight of Orpheus and Eurydice, showing that he is not beyond being moved by love; indeed his most infamous myth surrounds his own love life with the supposed abduction of Persephone.
Accounts differ as to the willingness of Persephone but I feel given that she became his Queen, ate the Pomegranate seeds he offered her and later used her powers to change the Nymph Minth into a plant (Mint) after being jealous that Hades would sexually pursue her, the myths support that She does indeed come to love him; and there can be little doubt of Hades affections for his Queen.


The prayer beads reflect the aesthetic of the river Styx and the sovereignty of Hades within the realm of the Dead which is also evocative of mystery, illusion and Rebirth. It can be used for honouring and connecting with the Greek God Hades, honouring the spirits of the Dead, remembering our Ancestors, honouring Death cycles within our life, putting an end to certain situations, personal Sovereignty and evoking the natural order and balance within our lives.

Beads are authentic Jet and Gold Hematite

Now on eco friendly cord which also stops metal rings from expanding or breaking.


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Prayer beads are handmade TO ORDER. They can take 2-3 weeks to create due to ordering the required items and the indepth level of work required

Hades - God of the Underworld Prayer beads