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Hag Witch of the Hedge ★ Hagstone ★ Spell Kit ★


Limited edition spell kit - ONE of each with the featured Hagstone on the cord


Set contains:

*Featured Hagstone pendant
*Ritual spell candles ★ Hag Witch of the Hedge
*Starry Temple Incense ★ Temple of the Hag Witch


★ The wisdom of the Hag reach deep into your subconscious, to bring forth memories of magic and ancestral wisdom, taking you to the deepest forest groves surrounded by mountains… and invites you to take a journey beyond the self… For shapeshifting rites, journeys to the Otherworld and tapping into your most witchy self. ★


Hagstones are known by many names, across many cultures, but one thing is agreed upon - they certainly are pure magick.
Myths and legends abound to their different uses - it is said you can see the Otherworld by peering through them, they are thought to protective against malicious spells and even snake bites!

For the Hag of the Hedge, their liminal nature is not in doubt, and they can aid in spirit work communication as well as protecting a space from harm.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Hag Witch of the Hedge ★ Hagstone ★ Spell Kit ★

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