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The Ogham has a rich magickal history, being the alphabet of the highly oral Druid tradition it is also known as the language of trees.
Many modern Celtic and non Celtic pathwalkers alike have found the beautiful magick that is attached to the Ogham, both for spell working and in divination.

The Ogham can be cast in a similar fashion to runes, or one picked from a bag for divination. Each Ogham can be used in spellwork aligning to its magical purpose.


Overall, these handcrafted beauties are made from Willow (Goddess, the Moon, the Cycles, the mysteries, healing, dreaming & enchantment.) They will only be available in limited batches as they’re time & energy & magic intensive. Made and blessed by this Celtic Witch! They are hand pyrographed and blessed as well.

Each set contains the traditional 20 Ogham staves, each representative of a particular tree with its own unique divinatory and magical meanings.

One of my favourite Willow quotes:

Dortchen was called the wild one because one day, when she was seven years old, she had got lost in the forest. She had wandered off to a far-distant glade where a willow tree trailed its branches in a pool of water. Dortchen crept within the shadowy tent of its branches and found a green palace. She wove herself a crown of willow tendrils and collected pebbles and flowers to be her jewels. At last, worn out, she lay down on a velvet bed of moss and fell asleep.”

― Kate Forsyth, The Wild Girl

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Handcrafted Celtic Willow - 20 Ogham Divination Staves Set


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