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Harvest Witch spell powder ★ Ancient Grain Mother


★Grain Mother Goddesses, Rebirth, Ancestor offering and veneration work, Spirit Work, Fertility, Abundance, Connection to the spiritual Ecosystem, Lughnasadh / Lammas, Spells for a better Harvest, Wealth ★


A new incredibly finely milled powder of nine sacred ingredients including wildcrafted wheat stalks, chamomile, and ancient cave ochre from Devon amongst others.

Nine is sacred in the Celtic path - representing the completion of all cycles (three by three.)

This absolutely gorgeous powder can be used in a few ways.

Firstly many of the spell ingredients hold the wisdom of abundance magick, for increasing wealth, finances, opportunities & luck.

★ You can blow it through your front door instead of cinnamon (or as well as) to bring abundance, if you’d prefer a locally sourced alternative.

★ Perfect for lining doorways and windowsills to draw in money and keep a home wealthy.

★ You can roll candles in this for spell work as easy as pie too - it’s so finely milled!

The powder also has aspects of personal rebirth.
Ochre was sprinkled on the bodies of the dead to guide a spirit to the next life, and was used in immortalising people in paint.

Several of the herbs have a calming affect when one is in any kind of personal transition or change - helping support you when you need it most.

This aligns deeply with Lughnasadh - the sacrifice and transition represented by it and the peace given by the ancient Grain mother if we connect with her.

Harvest Witch spell powder ★ Ancient Grain Mother

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