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Hazel Coll Priestess Blessing Salts

"The Hazel Priestess" Blessing Salts combines the energies of the Ogham Coll - Hazel and the energies of the Priestess.
The Hazel resides in the between spaces by the Sacred wells were wishes are made and offerings are placed so that the Celtic Gods and Goddesses will receive them.

The energy of Hazel is joyful and abundant, bringing hope wherever its energy touches.

The Blessing Salts have been imbued for energies of Wishes, magick, manifestation, wisdom, Water magick, emotional stability, dreaming and dream manifestation, as well as balance in all things; the balance between Day and Night, Masculine and Feminine, and the Sun and the Moon.


The Hazel Priestess speaks; "Between the Moon and the Sun, between dreams and waking life, wishes can manifest and come true. Worship magick on your lips, sing it joyfully and take the magick into yourself for all time."


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