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★★★Healing Waters of Avalon Spell Oil ★★★ ★Cleansing, Healing, Avalon, Water★ ★One of the original products of Starry Eyed Supplies from the beginning and still a fan favourite★


The waters of the Lake of Avalon swim with depth, mystery, and magick, stepping into their depths is to become a part of that ancient water, to have it embrace you, cleanse you of all your hurts, and receive healing in their place.Healing Waters of Avalon is my personal healing brand to bring peace, magick and healing into your life.


The Healing waters of Avalon is my personal brand of healing creations centred around my own meditation; of going into the lake at Avalon to be cleansed and healed, surrounded by the beautiful water; designed around the mythology of the incredible healing powers of the Isle of Avalon. The Spell oil has been created to encourage healing energy in all areas such as physical healing, emotional healing and spiritual healing.


All the energies contained within form a beautiful energy matrix of Healing magick to keep all negative energies and intentions away from you and cleanse and purify all that which causes you illness on the physical, emotional and spiritual level... don't be fooled by it's beautiful exterior because this magick packs a serious punch!All my own work recipe and design all rights reservedThe herbal blend in a unique combination of herbs and resins to promote all these forms of healing and can be used in all forms of herbal magick or burned as an incense on a charcoal block.  The spell oil has been designed with the same purpose in mind and can be used to annoint your magickal items, candles or even yourself.  The spell cauldron has been designed to give you a glimpse into the heaing waters of Avalon.  The spell pendant contains key herbs and crystals to promote healing and can be worn or carried about your person. 


My own recipes, designs and work, all rights reserved.

Remakes may vary slightly

Please note: The bowl is not included.

Healing Waters of Avalon - Healing Spell Set

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