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Strawberry / Rose scented spell salts makes the final item in the “Heart of Summer” magical range for Summer!

These beautiful salts are a mixture of rose and strawberry with beautiful petals & apple slices, all wrapped up in a glass potion bottle!

You also get a ladybird ontop! All the cuteness! And they smell delicious...


★ Summer Solstice, Uplifting your mood and mind, Rituals of Pleasure, Embodiment of Adventure, Attraction Spells, Romance, Sacred acts of Play and Adventure, Revelling in Self-Love, Bringing some positive energy in when needed ★


★Scent - Strawberry and Rose scented Salts with natural flowers and apple slices


Fun flirty and sensual, this beauty is great for all love work; attracting the right person to you, remembering to really truly fiercely love yourself, in glamour spells for beauty & self adornment with adoring tlc, to spice things up if they’re deflated and to reclaim your power and sexy self.

It actually makes me think think of that Jessie J song sexy silk! That’s the vibe!


Quite often I find myself struggling a bit with the onset of Summer, and I wanted to Witch up a recipe which put me into alignment with some of the fun aspects, putting my mind and energy into a receptive vibe to all the good things that can come in the season - abundance, romance, adventure... a uplifting way to connect with Solstice... and what better way that Strawberries?


This set excudes a carefree spirit to help your inner child play, and your inner teenager explore. It reminds you that life doesn't have to be doom and gloom and bills (even when all of that is legit and getting you down.) It encourages an energy of freedom and fun. And it's SUPER CUTE!


In addition, it encourages rituals of pleasure and a fierce (and fun) way to work with self love. It's  giggles and romps and strawberry kisses. Whatever your pleasure! What would happen if you believed you could? That you deserved more? Why not find out?


★ Strawberries in Witchcraft - Aligned with Venus, so Strawberry is a popular love spell ingredient, the red strawberry also is thought to evoke passion and sensuality. Perfect for fertility rites and abundance, Strawberry teaches us about sweetness and determination - beauty and self love.


★ Rose in Witchcraft - Rose is often associated with Love spells and has a long rich history of folklore behind it. This belief in its power of Love and Romance magick means the energy of Rose is a catalyst in the spiritual realms for Love, and can be the oomph needed in any and all Love works.


How to use these gorgeous salts:

★ Can be added to Water for all Venus inspired Spells - Love, Self Love, Beauty
★ Add to sachets for spell work - place near the bed to dream of Other worlds!
★ Add to love spells and in healing the inner child, can be placed around a candle


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

*Strawberry bowl not included

★ Heart of Summer ★ Spell Salts ★ Summer Solstice

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